Even though the use of marijuana has not been legalized in most parts of the world, it does not stop people especially the youth from using it discreetly. Marijuana is a drug that may cause serious addiction leading to adverse effects on both the physical and mental aspects of the user’s health. This is the reason why smoking the weed is strictly prohibited especially among the kids and youth. However, as parents, we cannot keep them away from the drug especially if they were influenced in the school or in the neighborhood.


If you happen to catch your kids smoking the drug marijuana, the first thing you need to do is to keep calm and think thoroughly. Do not ever do things on impulse that you might regret later. Kids under the influence of marijuana addiction will not tolerate harsh words and actions. You need to open up the matter to your spouse, a family member or a friend.

If you have been angry about what you have found out, it is better to let it out first to someone who will be willing to listen to your sentiments. After that, you can both discuss on better ideas on how to deal with the matter. It is also good to seek medical help such as counseling. These experts can help you properly in how to deal with your kids. Have a thorough research on marijuana and its effects on kids.

Next, think of the probable reasons on why your kids smoke. Oftentimes, kids divert to drug use because of some personal and social issues that they may have been facing through their adolescence. Take time in doing a deep heart-to-heart conversation with your kids. When having conversations with them, tell the matter straight-to-the-point but without hints of accusation.

Passive Smoking

A caring way and tone of conversation might lead to a good conversation. However, be prepared for denials and anger on his part and lay down terms and policies that you will impose if they continue with the habit. Make them understand the negative effects and consequences that will happen to them if they do not stop smoking marijuana. Moreover, if any conversations will not get successful, be sure to have a plan B such as seeking professional help.